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Kingsport Music Club doubles its scholarship offers | Sunday stories

Since its inception in 1927, the Kingsport Music Club has remained true to its aims “to promote the interest and study of music in the community, and to provide opportunities for the development of young musicians”. In normal years, the club holds monthly meetings, presents a members’ recital, and hosts a young artists’ recital with […]

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Slate’s Movie Club 2020 begins.

In the slate Annual movie club, film critic Dana Stevens emails other critics – this year Justin Chang, Odie Henderson and Alison Willmore – about the year in the cinema. Dear Justin, Odie and Alison: For several years now, I’ve launched The Movie Club, Slate’s annual critics’ roundtable on the year of the movie, with […]

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DID YOU KNOW? A CHRISTMAS STORY is based on a short story called “The Red Ryder nails the Cleveland Street Kid” of author John Bergerit is 1966 book, “In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash.” sheepherd co-wrohyou the scenario for A CHRISTMAS STORY with director Bob Clark and Leigh Brown.  DID YOU KNOW? Twelve-one […]

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DID YOU KNOW? Writer Philippe Van Doren Stern sent their short story “The Greatest Gift” as a 21-page Christmas card, which provided the original concept for IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. David Hempstead, producer at RKO Pictures, ended up grabbing it and bought the film rights for $10,000. DID YOU KNOW? The screenplay went through many […]

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Lifetime Movie Club costs just 99 cents during this Amazon Prime video channels promotion

Here’s something you don’t hear every day: Amazon gives you a gift during the holidays. As we noted earlier, the retail and video streaming giant has a deeply discounted deal on its Spotlight channels throughout December, where you can enjoy a month of different premium channels for just under $ 1. The following ? For […]

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Get Lifetime Movie Club for $ 0.99 for a month on Amazon Prime Video

Get Lifetime Movie Club for $ 0.99 for a month on Amazon Prime Video | String cutters X Disclosure of advertiser Most of the streaming service offers that appear on are from companies who may also provide compensation to our site. This allows us to support our site and continue to provide you with […]

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AFI named THE DEER HUNTER one of the great films in movie history – including the film on the 100 YEARS… 100 MOVIES lists, as well as the Most Thrilling Films of All Time list. AFI also honored two of the film’s stars – Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep – with the AFI Life […]