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The Secret Movie Club hosts Halloween-a-thon at the theater at DTLA

LOS ANGELES – The Million Dollar Theater is one of the gems of Broadway’s Theater District, and while not officially known to be haunted, it contains over 100 years of LA stories that tell us about the past. . What would you like to know The Million Dollar Theater is one of the gems of […]

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Rhyw shares Buy Music Club playlist ahead of Inverted Audio club party at ÆDEN

Please note that you only have to complete this transaction before your tickets are reissued. Prior to his DJ set at our club night on November 5th at ÆDEN, we invited Rhyw, co-founder of Fever AM, to share a Buy Music Club. playlist which reflects some of his sound and influences at that time. “This […]

Movie club

B-Movie Club Celebrates Bad Movies – The Huntingtonian

An overview of HU’s B-Movie Club. By Thad Arnold, Editor-in-Chief Every Friday evening, students gather in the Becker Hall screening room to watch a movie. While it is not uncommon to watch a movie on campus, these students don’t expect the movie they are watching to be good. In fact, they hope for the exact […]

Music club

The enduring legacy of the Bellingham Music Club

Music Keep the rhythm The enduring legacy of the Bellingham Music Club To listen What: Rastrelli Cello Quartet presents “From Brahms to the Beatles” When: 7:30 p.m. Sat. 30 Oct. Or: Auditorium Syre, 237 W. Kellogg Rd. Following: Please wear masks and be prepared to show proof of vaccination Cost: $ 30 ($ 10 for […]

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BC Hunting and Fishing Club reflects on future after Supreme Court denies appeal

A court case over public access to a pair of British Columbia’s lakes has died in the water after the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear an appeal. The small fishing club near Merritt that initiated the lawsuit is now considering its future. The Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club had sought the opinion […]

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The Cosgrove Music Club starts the season |

The Cosgrove Music Club began its 99th year of “Enjoying Music Together” on October 4, 2021 at the home of Carolyn Pugsley. The Club was led by the 2021-2022 roster of leaders: President: Joan Davison, Vice-President: Edna Schmidt, Secretary: Debbie Smith and Treasurer: Kathy Hegler. This year’s theme is “As You Like It”. The Club […]

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Ursula Sereghy compiles Buy Music Club playlist ahead of Lunchmeat Festival

Ahead of her performance at the Lunchmeat Festival tonight in Prague, local Czech musician Ursula Sereghy is putting together a Buy Music Club playlist. “This is a list of my favorite songs. I started with the Polish and Czech scene then I melted into the beauty of the music and the geopolitical context vanished. It […]