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7908 Aspen supper club closes to ‘rebrand and remodel’

The 7908 supper club on the Hyman Avenue Mall in downtown Aspen is closing and will spend the summer “rebranding and remodeling,” a publicist for the restaurant said Wednesday.
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A downtown restaurant/nightclub/bar hailed as the first supper club to open in Aspen became the first to close when it closed earlier this month.

Called 7908 Aspen, the upscale underground establishment debuted in July 2018 in the Hyman Avenue pedestrian mall. It took up about 6,000 square feet, with a lounge for dancing and listening to DJ music and a gourmet restaurant under the same roof.

“Each night, 7908 celebrates its eat, drink and dance mantra by blending ‘elevated comfort food’ with a renowned spirits and wine program and the best of live DJ performances and ‘elevated bottle list’ service. upscale,” is how 7908’s website describes the establishment.

The 7908 Company announced on April 6 on Instagram that after April 16, the restaurant, which is named after Aspen’s elevation, “will take the summer to rebrand and renovate.”

Responding to an email regarding the closure, a 7908 publicist issued the following statement on Wednesday: “After four outstanding years as Aspen’s premier supper club and serving thousands of inspired guests from around the world by Chef executive Byron Gomez, inventive and theatrical cocktails by director of spirits Matt Corbin, world-class wine from master sommelier Jonathan Pullis and endless hours of entertainment by Kid Kamillion, 7908 closed in mid-April.

“We will take the summer to rename and remodel. We are incredibly proud of what we have built and look forward to revealing our exciting future plans when the time comes. We thank all of our regulars – locals and visitors – for making our dining room, bar and lounge one of the most energetic places in Aspen.

The company did not respond to a follow-up email with more questions.

Gomez, executive chef of 7908 Aspen since June 2019, gained national attention last year when he appeared on Bravo’s popular TV show “Top Chef: Portland.”

In partnership with the Souki family, Hollywood actor and singer Roger Wilson was the face of the restaurant when it first debuted.

“I hope this place could be a bit of a theater that suspends the reality of the difference between Aspen today and 35 years ago,” he said during an interview with The Aspen Times in 2018. “I want to bring this wonderful mix of locals and visitors coming together in the right way; not only did you have a great evening, but there were background stories.

State liquor license records show Wilson was a member of 7908 Aspen LLC beginning in May 2018 before that role ended in February 2020. Pullis is currently listed as a member, along with Charif Souki. Brooke Peterson is listed as the president of the LLC and the Souki Family Trust as the owner. The liquor license expires May 1, according to public records.

Peterson forwarded questions to Ajax Holdings, of which he, members of the Souki family and others are directors, and which also owns the space used by 7908.

A series of investigations noting that Pitkin County received the highest amount of direct pandemic relief per capita than any other county in Colorado also noted that 7908 received more than $2.7 million in pandemic relief funds pandemic.

The Denver Post reported earlier this week that “dining and dancing was a tough mix to pull off amid the toughest pandemic restrictions, so 7908 Aspen, a late-night supper club named after the elevation of the city, had to face nearly two years of challenges. Post data shows the company received nearly $720,000 in PPPs and nearly $2 million from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, a program to replenish lost revenue.

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