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A crime scene simulation intrigues the students of the Shikellamy club | News

SUNBURY — Fifty Shikellamy High school students are hot on the case of a “homicide” that occurred in the high school’s 214 apartment.

In this case, the Shikellamy Law Enforcement Club is investigating a fake case that replicates an actual homicide that occurred in 2011. Law Enforcement Club Leader and Shikellamy Police Chief Shawn Williams was investigating the homicide for the Pennsylvania State Police during this time.

Williams said he wanted to give students hands-on experience visiting a crime scene and give them the opportunity to come to their own conclusions.

The students said they loved it.

“It was so interesting and I’m excited to see if the evidence I found matches the real case,” said Cheyanna Rains, 15. “I really enjoyed this learning experience about what investigators go through.”

Williams, with the help of the Shikellamy Theater Department, Superintendent Jason Bendle and staff members, took Class 214 and made it into an apartment with a couch, table, chairs, TV and all the instruments of crime, including fake blood and broken blood. glass.

Elder George Shearer, part of the drama department, arrived before the students and portrayed the individual who was discovered deceased.

“It was a blast for me,” he said. “I’m so happy to be able to help out and give other students a real-life scenario where they have to find out what happened.” Theater cast member Lynsie Troutman also got involved by helping with Shearer’s makeup, Williams said.

Before the students arrived at the “apartment” inside the school, they were briefed by Williams who explained the situation to them before handing out rubber gloves, notebooks and assignments to the students when they arrived at the scene.

Freshman Logan Wiest was assigned to the State Police forensic photographer and tasked with taking pictures of the scene.

“Chef Williams has really put together a great club and he’s got some great hands-on activities for us,” he said. “I really like the club and plan to stay there for the next four years.”

Rookie Natalie Keller, 15, agreed.

“It was so much fun,” she said. “It got us thinking and now I’m excited to see if what I found out was right.”

Williams has yet to reveal the actual case, but said at the end of the week he would gather the club in the auditorium and play a TV show featuring the actual event after the case was resolved.

“It’s so exciting,” Rains said. “I really got into this and can’t wait to see if I was right.”

Bendle attended one of the sessions and was able to visit the “crime scene”.

“Chef Williams has created a unique experience,” he said. “I guess this is the first time high school students have had the opportunity to experience something of such a high standard. It was great to see our students so actively engaged in this project.

“I want to thank everyone who participated, including the high school staff for giving us the time to attend to the students,” Williams said.

“I also want to thank the students for their interest and the theater department for helping us put everything together.”

Next, the law enforcement club will also visit the state police academy in Hershey in the coming weeks, Williams said.