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AG Wright Middle School Film Club/Academy Hosts Special Night of Film Premieres | Latest titles

It is the story of a group of children playing “Dungeons & Dragons” who discover that their world is filled with problems and demons from the game.

The young actors are compelling, the dialogue moves the story forward, and the scenes are shot on location, from the homes of those involved in the production to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, which becomes a museum for the film.

Sometimes you can tell it’s a college movie, but it manages to get its point across and has some action and drama moments that are way better than you’d expect from college kids.

Colucci, who plays one of the students trying to fight off a demon in ‘Soul Reaper,’ said she and the other club members were thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about filmmaking and create their own. own screen stories.

“It’s a lot more work than I ever thought it would be, but it was so awesome to be a part of it all,” the eighth-grader said.

Snow, who had a movie-related business in Florida before becoming a federal employee, directed “Soul Reaper” and has been involved with the club/academy for several years.

His daughter, Michelle, a junior at Mountain View High School, was involved with the club while at AG Wright and worked on this year’s film as production manager. His wife, Stephanie, served as executive producer on the film and took pictures on the night of the premiere.