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AMC hopes to open in June; Spielberg launches a film club; lando poster made by fans

As the news fills with studios pulling films from summer lineup and productions threatened by the coronavirus, one studio chain looks to the future with relative optimism. Streaming has taken on so much business that the traditional model of movie distribution has already started to change, so it’s no wonder these companies are looking for some bright spots for the post-pandemic world return.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC is looking for US theaters to reopen during the summer, hopefully mid-June. AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron foresees it, telling CNBC Alley of screams Tuesday that they “expected to be closed for six to 12 weeks. It would be from May 1 to mid-June. It might be a good time.” While Aron was clear that this was just a prediction, he remained convinced that when quarantines and social distancing guidelines lightened, moviegoers would return and – hopefully – allow the movie giant. theater to rehire much of its workforce on leave.

“I think if we’ve learned anything over the last couple of weeks it’s that people want to get out of their homes so badly,” Aron said. “I think we all feel locked in and want to get out and life back to normal.” Other movie chains, including Cineplex in Canada, have yet to say when they could possibly resume normal operations.

Then leave it to a master of American cinema to provide a classic refuge for moviegoers stuck at home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Steven Spielberg, the director behind so many classic films they would pick up the rest of the article if they were listed, has partnered with the American Film Institute to bring moviegoers together during the period of social distancing.

Spielberg unveiled the AFI Movie Club in a video on Tuesday, explaining that anyone who loves movies is already a member. The club is organized around a virtual group screening of a classic film – starting with the 1939 Oscar winner The Wizard of Oz – gathered here every day by a new guest host.


“I know you think you saw it, but please think again because at this point in our history what better message is there than ‘There is no place like home? ‘”asked Spielberg.

The Wizard of Oz and future screenings will include anecdotes, talking points and more on the AFI website.

Finally, being stuck at home has inspired some genre fans to unprecedented levels of creativity. Some make fan art, perfect cosplays and others invent Star wars trilogies (and posters for each film) centered around Lando Calrissian.

The latter case is exactly what illustrator Peter Stults did, making Billy Dee Williams the sci-fi star he was always destined to be in badassery back. The Calris Chronicles.

Check it out:

With a slew of new love interests, new adventures, and new aliens, The Calris Chronicles looks totally awesome. Han and Chewie even introduce themselves! At this point, even with Williams returning to the franchise in The Rise of Skywalker, it is best to leave these adventures to young Lando AKA Donald Glover. Can this please be how the Solo the universe continues?