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Art Lovers Movie Club: Forensic Oceanography, ‘Liquid Traces – The Left-to-die Boat Case’

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‘How to reconstruct the violations, when the weapon of the crime is the water itself?’ This video offers a summary of the case ‘The boat left for dead’. In March 2011, 72 passengers left the Libyan coast for Italy aboard a small dinghy during NATO’s military intervention in Libya. Despite several distress signals relaying their position, as well as repeated interactions with at least one military helicopter and one military ship, they were left adrift for 14 days. Due to the inaction of all state actors involved, only nine of the passengers survived. By combining their testimonies with data on the winds and sea currents as well as satellite images, Forensic Oceanography reconstructed the liquid traces of this event, producing a report which served as the basis for several legal complaints.

About Forensic Oceanography

Lorenzo Pezzani is an architect and researcher. In 2015, he completed a PhD in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London, where he is currently a lecturer and runs the Masters in Forensic Architecture studio. Her work deals with the spatial politics and visual cultures of migration with a particular focus on the geography of the ocean.

Charles Heller is a researcher and filmmaker whose work has long focused on migration policy. In 2015 he completed a PhD in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London, focusing on mobility policies across the Mediterranean Sea. He is a research fellow at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

Working together since 2011, Heller and Pezzani co-founded Forensic Oceanography, a collaborative project that developed innovative methodologies to document the conditions that lead to migrant deaths at sea. governments to exercise a critical right of scrutiny over the EU’s maritime border. They have authored a number of human rights reports, each of which has developed cutting-edge forensic mapping and visualization methods, which have had a major impact both in academia, non-governmental policy and the public sphere, and have been used as evidence in court. law.

Screening dates:
Forensic Oceanography, Liquid Traces – The Case of the Boat Left for Dead (2014): February 9 – March 2, 2022

Project team: Charles Heller, Lorenzo Pezzani, Richard Limeburner, Samaneh Moafi, Rossana Padeletti

Realized within the framework of Forensic Architecture with the support of the House of World Cultures (HKW).

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