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Box review: “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” Disney Movie Club Boxes

Disney Movie Club Boxes been advertising their movie packages for a few months now, but I finally took the bait in anticipation of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, in theaters December 20. These themed boxes contain items that enhance your cinematic experience, allowing you to celebrate your fandom and enthusiasm for the latest Disney movie releases. This time we are going to a galaxy far, far away.

The box itself is nice and collectable, with character artwork on all four sides, a hinged lid, and artwork inside the box as well. Two trays keep items well separated so none of them are loose in the box.

Exclusive pins

While all of the items included are presumably exclusive, this two-pin pack says so on the packaging. These golden reflective pins are spinning. The Rebel Alliance turns to become the Galactic Empire and the Jedi Order turns to become a new symbol for the Sith. Each pin has two pins on the back, so if you wear it, they will stay firmly in place.

IMAX Upgrade Lanyard

One of the perks of ordering from the cashier is the ability to save $ 5 on IMAX upgrade tickets. You can use the code on two tickets, which means it could become $ 10 off your IMAX purchase. The thong itself is just for the show, and you will likely be the only participant who has one at your screening. The ID is removable and you can use it for other events, including as a lanyard during the Star Wars celebration.

Lenticular Popcorn Buckets

Two lenticular popcorn buckets feature the Millennium Falcon which looks three-dimensional. Now you can split your popcorn easily without having to constantly go around the big bucket!

Lightsaber straws

With many theaters already switching to paper straws, the need for your own reusable straw is increasing. This box comes with two reusable plastic lightsaber straws that form the light side and the dark side of the force. The handles are removable and the set comes with a cleaning tool to wash them well after each use.

Backpack with shoulder strap

This shoulder backpack looks like leather and features the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker logo on a zip pocket that’s the perfect size for a cell phone. The knitted strap and brown bag both resemble something from the Star Wars universe and the zipper pulls feature the Rebel and Empire symbols. This can easily store your popcorn buckets and movie straws, but can also be used long term with compartments big enough to hold tablets, headphones, and whatever else you might need for a day in a while. Disney theme park.


Two beanies with the Rebel Alliance symbol will help keep you warm as you enter and exit the theater in December. They’re subtly Star Wars, so it’s a great way to celebrate your fandom all winter long without wearing something that instantly reads like a Star Wars item.

Metal lithograph

The movie poster is yours like a metal lithograph with an embossed logo. It comes with 3M hanging bands and instructions on how to hang it.

Window decal

The BB-8 and DO window sticker is a perfect way to add a touch of Star Wars to your car window. It comes with instructions for preparing your window before application and using a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles.

Musical code / Headset holder

R2-D2 is now your headphones’ best friend as a plastic headphone holder with pins to hold the ends of the cable, which can warp around it. This is not very useful if you already use wireless headphones, but you can use the QR code to access the “Star Wars Movie Night Ultimate Playlist”.

Exclusive feature of the Star Wars app

The included QR code gives you access to an exclusive selfie mode feature in the official Star Wars app.

Final thoughts

I am delighted with that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker disney movie club box case. You can definitely reuse plastic popcorn buckets and lightsaber straws at home anytime you want. The bag and beanies are great accessories for subtly wearing your fandom throughout the season and the car decal is a nice bonus. With the ability to save on IMAX tickets and the added digital bonuses, I feel like I have a lot of value for the price of $ 49.99. It takes about a week for delivery if you plan to pick one up for a future trip to your favorite cineplex.