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Cinemark Movie Club takes MoviePass, includes discount on snacks

Cinemark has unveiled Movie Club, a monthly subscription for people who love seeing movies in the cinema. Movie Club appears to be Cinemark’s own alternative to MoviePass, offering customers a flat rate for movie tickets and discounts on snacks. Cinemark’s offering undercuts MoviePass a bit, although the two services aren’t exactly twins. One service may be better for you than another depending on your habits, but neither clearly stands out as the best choice.

Cinemark’s Movie Club costs $8.99/month, offering the subscriber a one-time movie ticket with additional tickets offered at a flat rate of $8.99. This is for a 2D movie, not 3D, and it comes with a 20% discount on snacks, including a guest that the subscriber can bring with them. If the user wishes, Movie Club allows switching to 3D and XD projections.

Subscribers pay no online fees and their monthly subscription will roll over to the next one if not used in the month it was purchased. These rolling tickets also do not expire. Each purchase comes with Connections points that can be redeemed for goods like digital downloads. The subscription is on a monthly basis, which means that it can be canceled at any time by the customer.

That said, is it a better option than MoviePass? May be. MoviePass is a bit more expensive at $9.95/month, but it covers over 4,000 theaters across the US and you can catch a new movie every day if you want. That would seem to give it an advantage, but only for people who like to visit the theater frequently. If that doesn’t describe you, the flexibility offered by Movie Club may be a better bet; you have the option to switch to XD or 3D if you wish.

Also, MoviePass doesn’t get you the discount on snacks, which might not matter if you don’t buy them, but it’s a nice perk for casual moviegoers who only visit the theater. about once a month.

THE SOURCE: Cinemark