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Club Kiwanis honors its veterans | New

The Kiwanis Club of Cheyenne is a service-oriented organization that aims to make the community better, but each year they take the time to do something special for its members who have served in the military.

President Sam Weinstein has declared each year that they do everything possible to honor and respect the members who have served.

“We still have our pianist who sings all the songs of the Armed Forces, and we sing and honor all of our current Kiwanians who have served,” he said. “This Thursday night Veterans Day was our grateful Thursday night; there were some special veterans incentives. There were raffle tickets for the veterans.”

He said Cheyenne’s Kiwanis Club is filled with “a ton of veterans.”

“We play songs from all branches of service,” he said. “Every time your branch song goes out, we stand up and honor these people and get a picture of everyone. Everything we do is about the community, so we try not to fuss too much about ourselves- Every now and then, it’s nice to thank our club members. “

The group paid tribute to veterans at their weekly reunion at the Red Lion Inn.

“We were able to partner with the Thanksgiving Thursday group and raise funds for the club that we can return and donate to the community and help,” he said. “When we go through our grant cycle through our foundation. Even though it was Veterans Day, everything we do is about giving back to the community. “

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Weinstein said honoring club veterans every year is special.

“One of our mottos is that Kiwanis is not something you join, it’s something you do,” he said. “It’s nice that everyone from time to time thanks our members who not only have served our nation, but continue to serve our club and the community. We are a club of actors, but these veterans have gone above and beyond and hands.”

He said the veterans enjoyed the day.

“It was awesome,” he said. “All of the veterans loved to sing, and they are proud and honored of their past and what they have been able to do. Especially the people who are not veterans but who may have grown up in a military family. wasn’t in the military, but I’ve been an Air Force kid my whole life. I’ve moved to a dozen places, and in the end, it’s always nice to thank not only the members in active service but also retired members and their families.

Sam said people who enjoy giving back to the community are always welcome at Club Kiwanis in Cheyenne.

“If they are interested in a reunion, I would like them to contact us or join us at Red Lion,” he said. “We receive many requests from community organizations, and they come to us. If they are child-oriented, that is the main focus of the Kiwanis. Help the children of our community. If there is a way we can donate to a local sports team, dance team, or music and theater group, we always offer our money and help. “

The group’s 100th year of service to the community is approaching in January.

“We have some really big things planned for our 100th year,” Weinstein said. “It is an incredible honor for me, as young as I am, to lead this group.”