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club Victory Christian Spotlight will present its first show this month at CEPA | News

CITY OF PELL – The new Victory Christian School drama club will debut later this month with a performance of Brianna Dehn’s “Disorder in the Court”.

The show will be the premiere of the Victory Christain Spotlight Drama Club and will premiere on January 21 and 22 at the Pell City Center for Education and the Performing Arts.

Spotlight program director Shelby Maddox said the Victory Christian club is the newest high school theater club in the program.

The Spotlight program is administered by CEPA and helps St. Clair County schools run theater clubs and support theater education. The program also runs annual theater camps for young children and a community theater troupe for adults.

Maddox said the club were not formed until last spring. She said several young people who attended Spotlight Kids and volunteered for the program now go to Victory Christian and have ended up pushing to start a club.

The club’s godmother is English teacher Sebrena Wood, who said last year that she was the debate team’s godmother. She said that last year several students expressed interest in starting a drama club, and the more people talked about it, the more students came forward. After generating so much interest, Wood said she made contact with Maddox and the two worked to set up the club.

“It was a great opportunity for us,” said Wood.

Maddox said she helped the club choose a show to produce and really wanted to emphasize their strengths on the show. She landed on comedy.

“It’s a fun group, they’re really good at improvising,” she said.

She said they were also interested in drama in courtrooms, which made “Disorder in the Court” a good choice. Maddox said the show centers on a young woman who, thanks to a mistaken identity, ends up in court for a crime she did not commit, but the court she is in has her own rules, which may or may not make sense.

Wood said that after the show was selected, the students got into work on it.

“We are planning long rehearsals,” she said, adding that the students even met to rehearse over the Christmas holidays.

Wood said the students worked on the piece mainly until the fall and into December.

She said the students had fun getting ready for the show, but being a part of the club was starting to have an impact on them as well.

Wood said students with low self-esteem are starting to come out of their shells and be more outspoken and vocal in the classroom.

“The drama really changed them for the better,” she said, “I’m so grateful for that.”

Wood has said she hopes to continue with the club next year. She said she also hopes she can take the club to a show at the Alabama Theater later this year.

Taylor Mitchell is a Daily Home reporter who covers Pell City.