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Conan O’Brien Crashes John Mulaney’s SNL Five-Timers Club Party

The induction of John Mulaney into Saturday Night Live’The famous Five-Timers Club went unnoticed during their excellent opening monologue this week. But midway through the show, Steve Martin, Candice Bergen and recent quintuple Paul Rudd showed up in their special jackets to welcome their newest member.

“Congratulations, John, and let me be the first person to say, who are you?” Bergen asked.

They were later joined by Tina Fey and Elliott Gould, but the biggest surprise of the night came when Conan O’Brien, who spent three seasons writing for SNL but only hosted once in 2001, burst into the room after Martin complained the club were starting to get “not special”.

“Did someone say ‘not special?!'” O’Brien asked to cheers from the audience. “Listen, John, don’t listen to them. It’s very, very special.

Unlike Fey, who was a cast member in addition to being a writer, he explained, “John and I were never supposed to be on TV… Because we’re both hideous, aren’t we? , John?”

And before it was over, even though it was in the middle of the show, O’Brien took the sketch by the horns and delivered a line he never reached when writing for SNL: “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

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