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Dennis Rodman Thanksgiving: A “Jump” to the Vegas Dinner Club

Delilah presents a new holiday show, “Christmas With The Worm”.

Not really.

Corn Dennis rodman showed up at the glorious Wynn Las Vegas club dinner on Thanksgiving night.

It was not a billed appearance. Rodman didn’t sing or rap, according to John Terzian. The nightclub executive explained, simply said, “He jumped up.”


Maybe “The Worm”, as he’s been called since his playing career, is already working on a sequel to his biopic “48 Hours In Vegas”. This feature film is based on Rodman’s infamous hopscotch through our town during a break in the 1998 NBA Finals.

Rodman was playing for the Bulls at the time. He also played at the tables.

On Turkey Day in Delilah, Rodman found himself alongside the club’s singer and favorite columnist Savannah Lynx and musicians Steve Flore (low) and David Siegel (keys).

Rodman tipped the band a total of $ 300, all singles, which Lynx called “very generous.” Rodman would have been smiling the whole time. Lynx said the former NBA player’s post was “something like that, it was a super sexy time and he loved Delilah.”

We’ll call Rodman’s involvement an indefinite verbal appearance, and look forward to the film version.

The ‘Backstory Pass’ is back

The pre-show show returns with Usher’s residence at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Seven shows are scheduled from December 23 to January 31. 1.

“Backstory Pass” is a multi-site collection of experiences that relate to the bailiff comeback story (hence the name), before showing up to the show at Caesars. The attraction should be the same structure as in previous Usher shows, with some internal changes. We should still be enjoying the Block Party dance festival on what is otherwise the Colosseum loading dock. Ushh City.

Usher’s Vegas adaptation of adult club Magic City in his hometown of Atlanta, is also back.

We are also happy to know an outstanding singer Skye Dee Miles, and the great former Olympic athlete (long jump qualifier 1964-1972) and longtime Caesars Palace casino dealer Martha watson are back in production. Watson is the Den Mother in the counting room, a wonderful addition to the experience.

“Backstory Pass” is a separate ticket. You can attend the pre-show with or without Usher’s performance. Save and grab both, I say.

Great moments on social networks

Seriously, check out Madonna’s Instagram feed. She feels it, no doubt.

Cool Hang Alert

The psychobilly scene is going to go crazy – crazy, I’m telling you! – to The Space with for Reverend Horton Heat. Services start at 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

If you don’t have the Reverend “scene”, know that it is a truly religious experience. Musically anyway. I caught him on a show years ago on House of Blues, with Southern Culture on the Skids. Maybe there was moshing, or maybe it was just an aggressive square dance.

Tuesday the Reverend brings it with Big Sandy and his boys Fly Rite and Voodoo glow Skulls. The cost (excluding any physical wear and tear) is $ 30 and $ 50, excluding fees. Better than owing $ 400.

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