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Effort Underway to “Rejuvenate” Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club – Cloverdale Reporter

An effort is underway to “rejuvenate and rebuild” the Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club.

Diana Barkley – a longtime resident of White Rock and a member of the club since 2009 – said last week that a group had formed in May to get the club back on track, following two unsuccessful votes to put owned at 1284 184 St. in the City of Surrey.

“Neither of us thinks we should donate the land to the City of Surrey,” said Barkley, president of the Friends of Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club, Aug. 23.

“We all think the same way, that we really owe it to those founders in 1957, a long time ago, who really believed in it and mortgaged their own property to buy the land.”

Members have been stewards of the site since the late 1970s.

Council officials said News from the Ark of Peace in March that a proposed deal to donate the 29-acre property – home to a hatchery, gun and archery range and more – to the town was “a business situation” resulting from “Financial projections of a severe shortage of funds” which prompted a need to “seek alternatives”.

Increased operating costs, reduced revenue and a backlog of repairs that were beyond the club’s ability to fund were all cited as challenges.

Although the March 21 vote fell short of the two-thirds threshold required to proceed, it prompted members who did not want to see the lost club to move forward, Barkley said.

“So we started our campaign,” she said.

“There are a lot of ideas out there. I think we owe it to the founders… not to give up so easily. I truly believe that a renewed and re-energized board has the opportunity to straighten it out and rebuild it.

In accordance with the law on companies, the Friends of Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club requisitioned a general meeting. Set for September 14, the only item on the agenda is the election of directors.

Sixteen members of the Friends group are in the running, including Barkley.

The club’s vice chairman Ron Meadley, a longtime manager, confirmed this week that he also plans to become manager. He could not comment on the next steps considered for the future of the site.

After the vote, the new board “will then be able to determine options going forward,” Meadley said. PAN Monday (August 30).

“Accordingly, we are unable to comment further at this time.”

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