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Elvis’ 11th Anniversary Fight Club returns with in-person performances, a new book and more!

After being absent for nearly two and a half years due to the pandemic, Astro Pop Events is thrilled to announce the return of one of DC and Baltimore’s most bizarre and exciting traditions. The 11th Anniversary of Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club will celebrate Elvis Presley’s half birthday (due to postponement from January) on July 15-16 in Washington, DC and again on July 22-23 in Baltimore with a show of punches in the alleys, burlesque and full of surprises.

DC’s performance takes place at DC’s Gala Hispanic Theater (3333 14th Street, NW) at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., while the Baltimore show returns to the ring the following weekend at Creative Alliance Baltimore (3134 Eastern Ave) . Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club (EBFC) is hosted by “The King” and femcee Kittie Glitter who provided hilarious color commentary for the hilarious action-packed, punch-packed night under the belt and hilarity of lowbrow theater for the previous 10 years.

Seven rounds of flimflam punches are the centerpiece of the action, and in between, burlesque performance episodes provide a sexy respite from cartoon violence. EBFC’s fight card is still a closely guarded secret, and trying to anticipate who or what might be on the roster is half the fun.

Additionally, Astro Pop Events has also released a new book that lists the last 10 years of performances. The 240-page collection includes photos of every fighter and burlesque performer who has graced the stage over the years. It also includes the origin of the birth of the absurd event with excerpts from show scripts, quotes from cast members, and an introduction from filmmaker, DC Shorts founder, and current ReelPlan chief strategist Jon Gann. (Samples of books available for the press on request).

The show’s origin was somewhat of a coincidence, created when the producers were given a date to hold an event that coincided with the King’s birthday. Originally conceived as a one-time event, the popularity of a party centered on Elvis, the restroom he died in (known as “Commodious”) and mistaking his dying wish for a memorial nightclub, as a “fight club”, became a huge success. The show has a number of dedicated fans who return every year (many travel across the country to attend) and drive new audience members into the frenzy.

“People brag about how many years they’ve been coming,” says Kate Taylor Davis, one of the show’s producers. “They emailed me months before the event to confirm the dates because their friends from outside want to come too. It’s a weird annual touchstone, and people LOVE it!”

This year’s event will up the ante on over-the-top, silly violence.

“We have an incredible fight choreographer in James Finley,” says Taylor Davis. “There are costumes and sound effects and really crazy things that people are going to go crazy for.”

This year’s fight club will take into account safety measures regarding the pandemic. Participants will be required to present proof of having been vaccinated and masks will be required. The group will continue to monitor the situation and add additional procedures as needed.

For an audience of 21 years and over. Tickets are on sale now at