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Friendship club restarted at Beth Am temple

Friendship Club

PARSIPPANY – For a decade, the Friendship Club of Temple Beth Am, a group of people aged 50 and over, has functioned without a hitch. It has met about 10 times a year with many different style programs such as onsite lunch / speaker groups, going to Duke Gardens, theater trips, museum tours, movies, dining out and many other activities too numerous to mention. It was never difficult to participate as it was a happy and friendly group who loved to be together. Then, almost two years ago, something unheard of happened – Covid. For almost two years, our biggest activity was trying to stay healthy.

Last June, a hopeful former Friendship Club president hosted a Zoom board meeting. Zoom… it took a while and a while to get online but a meeting started. Could we find a way these days to revive the Friendship Club? Can the Friendship Club resume? We all looked at each other on the screen. One of the first Friendship Club presidents over a decade ago raised her hand and said, “Will all of the members of this board remain in office? I’ll take the chair if you stay. The Temple Beth Am Friendship Club now had a full council, and ideas and thoughts began to fly across the computer screen. We knew we needed advance notice to publicize an event, what could we do in this covid environment? With a strong board of directors, they rose to the challenge like other businesses, temples, churches, schools, and stores. The group has reduced meetings to just five this year. Then they started the year in September with a delicious lunch in the garden patio of The Villages restaurant in Morris Plains. The weather was perfect for an outside lunch, and they had many attendees. They were able to secure a meeting in November with a speaker on Zero Mostel followed by lunch. The Friendship Club has three next meetings for January, March and June.

The Friendship Club is so happy to be strong. For more information, contact Temple Beth Am at (973) 887-0046.