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Graphic Novel Reading Club for Young People – Isthme

press release: Join us on the first Wednesday of each month to discuss an older Elementary / Tween Graphic Novel! we’ll meet 4: 30-5: 30 in the studio.

This month we will discuss Beetle & the Hollowbones by Aliza Layne.

“In the strange town of ‘Permits, some people become magical witches, while others have their minds trapped in the mall for a horrible eternity.

Then there’s the twelve-year-old Goblin Witch Scarab, who is caught in between. She prefers to avoid homeschooling altogether and spend time with her best friend, Blob Glost. But the mall gets boring and BG is cursed for haunting it, strapped there by some unseen force. And now Beetle’s old best friend Kat is back in town for a witchcraft apprenticeship with her Aunt Hollowbone. Kat is everything Beetle wants to be: beautiful, cool, magically gifted, and quite famous online. Beetle is quickly left in the dust.

But Kat’s mentor set in motion his own vile plan. If Blob Ghost doesn’t escape the mall soon, their afterlife may come to an end. Now, Beetle has less than a week to save her best ghost, encourage Kat to defend herself, and face the magic she has avoided for too long. And, hopefully, get on a broomstick without crashing. “- Editor’s description