Music club

Inside Fenwick’s new Arthur’s Restaurant and Music Club in Newcastle

See 10 images taken inside the new Arthur’s Restaurant & Music Club which has launched at Fenwick in Newcastle with a Prohibitiion-style party

A retro-style club – all table lamps, candles, jewel colors and velvet curtains – now welcomes guests to Fenwick as The Newcastle store has a new menu of evening events and afternoon teas.

Arthur’s Restaurant & Music Club is proving a welcome addition to the store’s first floor where, hidden from view of passers-by in Blackett Street below, it was launched with a Prohibition-themed evening around food and drink. entertainment. The club will follow with a season of monthly after-hours events – all with a different theme – while on some weekends it will take on a different vibe as the setting for afternoon teas.

Named after the store’s founder’s son, the club – part of the Fenwick 140 program to mark its 140th anniversary – set the tone for its launch party with prohibition-themed cocktail parties and music from the Michael Lamb’s Strictly Smokin’ Tiny Big Band who took the stage alongside flapper dancers as diners were served a three-course meal.

To learn more about Arthur’s and its upcoming immersive club nights and afternoon teas, which include a Jubilee-themed event, click here.