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Legendary Cinegrill Supper Club and Theater opens at Hollywood Roosevelt

In the early 1950s, at least according to the story, Arthur Miller came to town to develop a film with Elia Kazan, who took him to a bar with an actress Kazan may have been seeing at the time, Marilyn Monroe. But it wasn’t just any bar, it was the bar where F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway drank, where Humphrey Bogart lounged, a popular Hollywood Roosevelt cabaret in the heart of Hollywood called Cinegrill.

Cinegrill opened in 1936 and was an A-list hotspot for a long time before slowly fading from prominence and eventually relocating and then closing in the early 2000s. But that wasn’t the end for Cinegrill – the Hollywood Roosevelt team brings Cinegrill back to life in a new format, as a luxurious theater with a stunning golden stage and upholstered velvet lounge-style sofas.

The opulent room is hidden behind a bookcase in the lower lobby, and once you’re inside, it’s clear the design nods to old Hollywood. There’s a big red curtain with gold accents, modern takes on classic cocktails, and a modern dinner club-inspired menu. A dedicated CineGrill-exclusive server will bring these martinis, old-fashioned and negronis straight to your table during the show, so you never have to take your eyes off the movies and performances taking place on the beautiful stage.

Cinegrill comes to life on September 21 with a thematically appropriate screening of the masterpiece casablanca. This screening kicks off a series of Classic Cinema Nights, which will also include screenings of psychology, rebel without a causeand holiday specials like Dracula for Halloween and It’s a wonderful life for Christmas. The series is hosted by film critic, film professor, and winemaker José Ignacio Cuenca, and will include an introduction, post-show Q&A, and wine tasting from Cuenca’s Little Boat label.