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Lovettsville Game Club property placed under conservation easement | News

A 60-acre Lovettsville property owned by the Lovettsville Game Protective Association has been placed in a conservation easement, according to an announcement Monday from the Land Trust of Virginia (LTV).

The property is LTV’s 211th completed conservation easement, the statement said.

The stated mission of the association is “to benefit wildlife and the community, to unite landowners, athletes and citizens in an effort to restore and preserve wildlife, all aimed at providing the community with better and more interesting sports and recreational activities ”.

“The club members found a way to preserve the farm for future generations and generate income to help make improvements to our hall. A win-win at all levels. Our members did not agree 100% but ultimately voted for the easement, ”said Fred George, president of the Lovettsville Game Protective Association in a prepared statement. “Working with the Land Trust of Virginia to protect our lands was a great way to support our mission and set an example for other landowners and sportsmen. “

The property is located on and visible from Stevens Road (National Road 758) and Georges Mill Road (National Road 852). In addition to protecting scenic green spaces, the Lovettsville Game Club includes 53 acres of land classified as First Order Agricultural Soils or Statewide Significant Agricultural Soils and is located in the Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area. The northern portion of the property contains two lengths of streams and a 2.29 acre man-made pond. The Lovettsville Game Club is located in the Dutchman Creek, Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay watershed.

“Conservation easements are essential to maintaining our wildlife populations and their habitat,” said Sally Price, executive director of LTV in a prepared statement. “We are delighted to be working with the Lovettsville Game Protection Association to support our two missions in development-stricken Loudoun County. “