Theater club

Matrix Club will provide a venue for the diverse Naperville area

The Matrix Club isn’t expected to open until September, but the venue already has three balls booked in 2023.

That’s not to say the club is the new hot spot for high school events. The reservations are merely symbolic of the eclectic space to come to Naperville.

The Matrix Club – a 75,000 square foot facility on the site of a closed Sam’s Club store – is a multicultural, multi-purpose building with a banquet hall for weddings, corporate events and concerts.

It also has a restaurant with a Michelin-starred chef, a performing arts center, a yoga studio, an art gallery and a sound and light system at the cutting edge of technology.

Conceptualized by founder Madan Kulkarni, The Matrix Club was designed as a gathering place for the diverse communities of Naperville and surrounding areas. Dignitaries from Taiwan might meet in the banquet hall one evening, followed by a Greek musician in the performing arts theater the following evening.

It will be located at 808 S. Route 59.

The Matrix Club’s reach is limitless, Kulkarni said.

“The concept has been going on for 15 or 17 years,” he said, “to create a synergy between different aspects of music, art, literature and fine cuisine. It’s a place where all these global cultures come together and interact together.”


International pole

The Kulkarni team signed a lease for the space in 2020. While the interior of the old Sam’s Club was gutted, only the facade of the exterior was changed during an estimated renovation between 11 and $12 million.

The club has been organizing events for almost a year. Three different musical acts from three different countries are scheduled for late October, including a fundraiser hosted by the Naperville Academy of the Arts headlined by singer Taylor Dayne.

Metea Valley, Neuqua Valley and Oswego East High Schools have scheduled their 2023 proms in the banquet hall, and other school events are expected to be added.

Spotlighting musical and theatrical artists from Poland to Pakistan, The Matrix Club aims to bring a bit of everything to Naperville.

“We’re kind of an international hub for culture and the arts, and it’s so needed here,” said Cherryl Marcey, Matrix Club’s director of event sales and marketing. “Naperville has been very supportive. Every group we’ve approached to host their special occasion here has enjoyed walking through our space and understanding the concept and the fact that we can celebrate each other’s cultures and learn from each other in this way. .”


While the anchor of the facility is the 2,200-seat banquet and concert hall, more than 200 people will be able to enjoy the restaurant and shows in the Matrix room.

Another 200 people can fill the Dhrishti Center for Performing Arts. There is also a Think Tank room designed for around 120 people that can accommodate anything from secure conferences to cocktail parties.

The yoga studio offers techniques from around the world in person and through LED screens. The art gallery of culturally significant paintings, sculptures and artifacts will feature local and international artists.

As for the food, star chef Yani Sanchez will offer international cuisine and American dishes with fellow chef Devinder Utpaul.

“There is a transformative nature with our sites,” Marcey said. “We can use our spaces in traditional ways, but we can be creative in how we book events.”


Kulkarni said the Matrix Club will open in stages in September, starting with the restaurant and theater at the start of the month, followed by the convention and banquet hall in the following weeks.

Due to the international popularity of the acts that will be performed, Kulkarni expects visitors from across the Midwest to boost the local economy.

It will take time for the Matrix Club to settle in, but Kulkarni said he is already thinking about expansion.

He plans to introduce the concept to one or two more cities, then re-evaluate the Chicago market to see if it can support another facility like the Matrix Club.

“Art has no boundaries,” he said. “He can go from place to place, person to person. He doesn’t need a passport or a visa.”