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May 2022 North Butler 4-H Club Meeting Minutes – Butler County Times-Gazette

By Cora Brackenridge, Journalist

Harley McLaughlin called the North Butler 4-H Club to order on May 9, and Maya and Caleb Klingenberg led the 4-H Pledge and Flag Salute. Cora Brackenridge replaced Ella Amend as secretary and the roll call was “My favorite 4-H project is…” and 21 members responded. Caleb Klingenberg gave the Treasurer’s report and there were no further changes to the final balance. The Chief’s Report was delivered and asked everyone to mark June 21 on our calendars as the 4-H Club can bake June birthday cakes at the Wheat State Manor Nursing Home. The 4-H mini-fair will take place on June 18. Each 4-H club in the county was invited to make a gift basket for a silent auction. The 4-H members decided that the club basket would include a movie theater and that Lucy and Mackenzie would buy the gifts. Noah McLaughlin donated $30 to shoppers to spend on the basket. Finally, in the chief’s report, the members enthusiastically responded, “How many days until school is out?” », followed by the distribution of sweets.

The meeting was adjourned and the exciting program began. Carson Brackenridge hosted a parliamentary activity with members learning through paper cutouts with ideas on different procedures and how to respond to the Speaker. Real turtles were present for the 4-Her’s to see up close! Benjamin Patton shared a show and told about his Painted and Red-eared Slider Turtles, named Pip, Pepperoni and Faming Jo and how to take care of them. Selah Patton gave a project talk on how she created cool designs with pictures she drew on a custom wooden box. Maya Klingenberg gave a demonstration

The talent was from Carson Brackenridge. He played Mary Had a Little Lamb on the recorder. Participants had fun working together for a community service project that involves assembling snacks for the packed lunches that Furley United Methodist Church donates once a month to an Open Door service helping the homeless.

Refreshments were served by the Harder family.