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Midnite Movie Club: Creative Power for Audiences

(YourDigitalWall Editorial): – Los Angeles, CA March 3, 2022 ( – Are you tired of endless scrolling looking for a decent movie to watch?

Are you tired of wasting what little free time you have at night watching a terrible movie? Do you think movies would be better if YOU had a say in what was done?

Well, Matthew Lillard (Scream, Scooby-Doo) and Bill Whirity are giving moviegoers and filmmakers the chance to do just that with the help of blockchain and NFT technology.

The Midnite Movie Club (MMC) was created by actor Matthew Lillard and writer/director Bill Whirity. In its purest form, the MMC is a community of passionate moviegoers and filmmakers who have come together to resurrect the fun and entertaining genre films of yesteryear. The MMC will seek feedback from its community on creative decisions and give them a say in the filmmaking process.

This relatively new and highly innovative NFT project aims to rethink how independent films can be funded. MMC’s goal is to disrupt the current model of the film industry and excite formerly passive viewers to become active participants in the process.

“We want to change the way independent films are made, and we believe that NFTs and blockchain offer us a new frontier to get there,” Lillard proclaimed.

Why do we need the Midnite Movie Club?

The inspiration for launching the MMC is that, according to the team, “the film industry is broken. Too many filmmakers are sidelined by the marketing department dictating what will sell the film versus what will make the best story.

Good independent genre movies are hard to come by these days, eclipsed by giant superhero movies. The genre space has become formulaic and derivative as marketing teams drive the story more than filmmakers, forcing most audience members to choose a new series over a new movie.

MMC’s goal is to fix the film industry by rethinking the way movies are made. For their pitch tours, the MMC will feature 3-5 filmmakers to introduce their films to members via a pitch video, script excerpt, and pitch deck. From there, MMC members will conduct a DAO vote to decide which film will go into production and be funded by the Community Wallet. Throughout the process, the filmmakers will interview the community about creative decisions that will impact the production.

According to Whirity, “We want to turn passive viewers into active participants and accompany them throughout the filmmaking process!”

During production and post-process, the team will pull back the curtain and give its members an exclusive insight into the process of making a film with behind-the-scenes photos and videos, live tours of the set and much more. . . After the films are completed, the MMC will also offer special features for their films, such as filmmaker commentary tracks, deleted scenes, and draft script reviews.

What makes Midnite Movie Club different?

The Midnite Movie Club is more than just a movie studio, but also offers film education with their MMC Nite School. This includes tutorials on various aspects of filmmaking, AMAs with industry professionals, and downloadable examples such as budgets, schedules, and draft scripts).

“One of our primary goals is to empower the next generation of filmmakers without the crippling cost of film school tuition,” Lillard said.

On top of that, the MMC will offer community members the opportunity to gain real on-set experience by working on their film sets. For those who don’t live near where the films were shot, there are still opportunities to participate such as designing graphics/props for the film, music to feature in the film, etc.

“We’re creating a space where filmmakers can come and learn, network, and share their work to get feedback from other filmmakers,” says Whirity.

A strong community is a major aspect of the project. Members who are just movie buffs can hang out and talk about their favorite movies and make recommendations to others. And filmmakers can talk shop, give advice on gear, share scripts and rough cuts to get feedback from other creatives, as well as connect with other local members to collaborate on their own films.

The MMC has already hosted a number of Movie and Trivia Nites collaborations with big NFT projects like the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, The Doge Pound, Alpha Girls Club, Chain Runners with more on the horizon. They plan to continue these events and hold mini film festivals featuring the films of community members.

The MCM Collection

The Midnite Movie Club NFT collection consists of 5,555 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Popcorn mascot art is inspired by ’50s “Let’s All Go To The Lobby” commercial as well as parodies of classic genre film characters. The cost will be around 400 USD (ETH price TBD). The smart contract is created by Lat3ncy Laboratories, of Sneaky Vampire Syndicate fame. The March 2022 manufacturing date has yet to be announced, but more information can be found in their Discord and on their Twitter. You can read their full white paper at: