Movie club

Movie Club is another cheaper movie subscription service than Netflix

Launched earlier this year, MoviePass aims to be the Netflix of in-theatre movie viewing. Watch as many movies as you want in theaters for a monthly fee, that’s their business model, and the annual subscription is even cheaper than $10/month.

But MoviePass is not alone and Cinemark has launched a very similar product. But it is also very different.

Called Movie Club, the subscription service costs $8.99 per month and gives customers one free 2D ticket each month, and as many additional tickets for the same price of $8.99 as long as the subscription is paid for.

In case you don’t want to use that free movie ticket, you can just store them and use them whenever you want. This way, you can get big savings on some of the most anticipated movies of the year. It’s too late for this year star wars episode, but you can collect free tickets for future movies in the series.

Users also get a 20% discount on concessions and can upgrade their tickets to 3D, XD and D-Box screenings, according to The edge. Plus, you can share all of your Movie Club perks (ticket price and concession discounts) with an additional guest.

The program is aimed at millennials, Cinemark CEO Mark Zoradi said. CNNMoneywho are used to paying for streaming subscriptions.

If there’s a downside to all of this, it’s the nature of Cinemark’s leadership. Gizmodo pointed out that Cinemark President Lee Roy Mitchell is the same man who ordered the company to sue the victims of the 2012 Aurora mass shooting to recover $700,000 in legal fees. Mitchell is also a Roy Moore donor, Newsweek revealed a few weeks ago.