Movie club

Movie Club released with new single “Trap Door”

The instrumental psych-rock duo Movie Club premiered their upcoming EP Fang tooth with the new single ‘Trap Door’.

Instrumental psychedelic rock, on the surface, seems a tough sell. Voiceless music, when separated from its more well-known homes of classical concert halls and / or movie soundtracks, could perhaps seem to lack or lack a vital element that helps translate it to others. a wider audience.

The reality, however, is that instrumental music has a strong and very influential presence in popular music. “Miserlou” by Dick Dale, “Apache” by The Shadows, “Green Onions” by Booker T & the MG and “Tequila” by The Champs are just a few of the fundamental and phenomenal songs that don’t need singing. to become successful.

“Trap Door” follows the same proud tradition, with a touch of harsher psychedelia to fill the spaces a lead singer might fill. With catchy rhythms and sonorous whirlwinds of guitar, ‘Trap Door’ seems fleshed out and fully realized.

“Trap Door” comes with a video clip that references the 1956 French comedy-drama The red balloon. To shoot some scenes in the video, the group waded through the murky waters of California’s Salton Sea, where the viscous liquid can often look more like poisonous mud.

“We definitely stepped out of our comfort zone making this video,” said guitarist Vince Cuneo. “I don’t know how to describe crawling in the Salton Sea, but there was a point where I thought I physically wasn’t going to be able to take it.”

“Bombay Beach is like where the Burning Man Festival takes place for the other 50 weeks of the year,” adds drummer Jessamyn Violet. “There are so many captivating constructions, trippy statues and signs. It’s like nowhere else on the planet.

Watch the “Trap Door” video below. Fang tooth will be released on August 10.