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Movie Club See Thee Oh Sees: Jessamyn Violet and Vince Cuneo of the instrumental rock duo of Venice Beach Movie Club spoke to us about their experience with Thee Oh Sees.

Jessamyn Violet: I started playing drums while living in SF ten years ago. You Oh Sees were innovating at the time and shared a rehearsal space with my drummer friend’s band, Fuckwolf. We would listen to Thee Oh Sees on vinyl at parties, talk about their progress, and I met John briefly in their rehearsal space. I had never caught them live, however.

Vince Cuneo: A friend told me about the legend of John Dwyer and Hosea. I remember he said “they rip off” but I hadn’t really listened to their records. One of my favorite things to do is go to a show with no idea what the music sounds like.

JV: John Dwyer had invited groups of friends from SF to play a concert in LA. We got the special invitation from my friend, the drummer for one of the opening bands, Fuckwolf. It was already destined to be a memorable sight.

CV: The venue was on a shaded side street near downtown Los Angeles. The show was first come, first served and there were at least 100 people waiting outside. The room was packed. I knew something special was going to happen. It was a multipurpose warehouse, but there was cracked cement everywhere. I already had the impression of attending a real rock show.

JV: We liked the fact that John Dwyer still supported his original friends’ groups. As the people of the east coast, we love it when people keep it real.

CV: The opening groups did not disappoint. Both were very psych / noise and had multicolored projections from the 1970s. It made me feel like I was in an underground concert where the Doors were playing. Then when the time finally came for Hosea to perform, the crowd rushed onto the stage and we knew it was about to go. We could barely see the group but that didn’t matter because we were all rocking together. It had been a long time since I had seen a real mosh pit during a show. There was an energy in the room that felt magical, like what every rock show should look like.

JV: And the action of the double beater ?! Forget that. We were in our own punk rock version of heaven. After the show, we watched the band pull out their own gear, head down, and marveled again at their authenticity. It was inspiring in so many ways.

Movie Club See Thee Oh Sees: The single “Trap Door” is now available. The Fang tooth The EP is released on August 10th.

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