Movie club

Movie Club: with the Creative Writing Club

As the creative writing course became more and more popular, the creative writing club began to undergo many changes.

The club met on Monday with creative writing teacher Jamie Handling, but the students who were in the club just started taking the class. This allowed students who have lunch in Mrs. Handling’s class to change it. The students decided to watch movies every week and it started to catch on.

“It started with my son coming over for lunch and bringing a few of his friends and it became not just his friends, some of the Creative Writing kids and even some of my English 12s,” Handling said.

Although the Creative Writing Club still meets, the focus is more on the movie club watching movies weekly.

There are no plans to make it an official club, but it is a possibility if the “Lunch Crew” decides.

“I wouldn’t mind sponsoring a film club, but the kids have to do it,” Handling said.

The Movie Club was not a planned club, but the students seem to like it. There are usually around 10-15 students in the class each day and they all decide together on the movie of the week. Ms. Handling’s favorite part of the club is the students who show up.

“You know what I really love about this crew is there’s so much camaraderie,” said Handling. “They are welcoming to everyone. Kids come in who haven’t spoken to another kid in a while and they come in and now they just enjoy each other’s presence.

While the students who show up are there to watch a movie, it’s also just a good place to hang out over lunch.

“It’s not very noisy so it’s a peaceful environment, it’s safe. I mean there are all kinds of kids from different social groups,” Handling said. It’s just a nice environment where you can just relax for 30 minutes and watch a movie.

All students who wish to join the club can go to room 913 during the first lunch any day of the week. Everyone is welcome.