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Rhyw shares Buy Music Club playlist ahead of Inverted Audio club party at ÆDEN

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Prior to his DJ set at our club night on November 5th at ÆDEN, we invited Rhyw, co-founder of Fever AM, to share a Buy Music Club. playlist which reflects some of his sound and influences at that time.

“This is a selection of recent favorites, related to technology and beyond. In a way, these are all checkpoints that I would try to tie together into a whole. They’re not in any particular order, but the first track here, a new one from Jlin, I think, sums up the playlist – it does everything in its four-minute span and really fits that mutant sound I’m looking for.

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1. Jlin – Embryo
2. Fresko – Dark
3. Color Plus – tension jokes
4. VOLRUPTUS – The man in the moon
5. Talik – I see faces in the trees
6. Sylvère – Carnival
7. EDM – Angular momentum
8. Rhyw – Bee stings
9. Fixate, Greazus – Elbow
10. Duckett – Somewhere where I could