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Texas Tech Club Reveals First Look at Multi-Million Renovation

Considered the “best view in Lubbock”, at least by Myrisa Rutter, the Texas Tech Club has been providing its members with a clear view of Red Raider football games for over a decade. The classic red and black space at Jones AT&T Stadium will now sport a new look, just in time for a new season.

Rutter, director of club member experience, led a group through the hollowed-out renovation space on June 23 while talking about the multimillion-dollar renovation.

“If you’ve seen the old Texas Tech Club, then you haven’t been there,” Rutter said. “Excited to see everything completely updated, modern and new for all of our members. It will be beautiful, with the best view in Lubbock.”

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Tommy Klein Construction tackled the extensive refurbishment, which began in early 2022.

“It was fast and furious,” said Jonathan Klein, representing the construction company. “It all kind of came together very quickly in a short period of time. The hardest part of this whole project is just the schedule, we’re going to be back, open and running for the season. of football.”

The multi-million dollar renovation of the Texas Tech Club is underway while on tour Thursday, June 23, 2022.

An additional challenge is related to shipping delays and requests.

“Sometimes we had to change (things),” Klein said. “Another (product) may not be available, but within a few days…we were able to act quickly and resolve these issues. That was probably our biggest delay, having to change and find something to match. everything that has already been selected.”

What’s New in the Texas Tech Club Renovation?

The renovation will add approximately 95 to 105 dining seats, a full-service kitchen, new artwork and displays.

“(The company) also upgraded the kitchen to be more full-service,” Klein said. “While before, a lot of the food had to be produced in the kitchen downstairs and brought here.”

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A big change will be to the bar, which was previously in a corner, and will soon take center stage.

A rendering of the Texas Tech Champion Central Bar shows the expected appearance of the new Texas Tech Club bar.

“We wanted to get it out of the corner just to make more bar seating,” Rutter said. “We had very little seating at the bar. (Now) you can actually see our liquor and wine displays.”

Club suites will be updated with “theater-style seating,” according to Klein.

“(The renovation) will add a lot to the club’s space,” he said. “A bit more dynamic and exciting space to hold meetings, dinners and things of that nature.”

There will be plenty of athletics-centric artwork, including a metal display near the escalator. Up close it will look like regular bars, but from an angle the image of a Red Raider football player will appear.

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“There are a lot of murals going up, so no matter where you turn there will be a wooden element or a Texas Tech football player,” Klein said. “It’s going to look really cool.”

“We’re Lubbock’s premier social club, and it’s a place to make new friends and make lifelong memories,” Rutter said.

For those interested in learning more about the club and membership, visit or call 806-742-4496.

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