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The APB and the improvisation club ask students a question: who doesn’t know?

Everyone loves a good mystery. Whether you grew up playing Clue or watching “Scooby-Doo” or today’s teen mysteries like “Riverdale,” we all like to play detective once in a while.

After the success of their Dungeons & Dragons evening, the activities programming committee offered students another event allowing them to adopt new personalities. These characters were 20 possible murder suspects. However, things also got retro as the theme for the night was “Totally Rad ’80s Prom Gone Bad”.

The event’s 20 suspects and remaining participants have each been given clues and stories behind their characters to help them solve the mystery at hand. The murder mysteries had a catch, however: even the murderer didn’t know he was guilty.

Students at the Murder Mystery Dinner were assigned roles to play in the investigation, while seasoned improv members came in to play their part.

The game was divided into five stages. The first was to welcome each guest and enjoy a slice of pizza. After their meal, each player received an envelope with an objective and counterfeit money to bribe other characters later.

After the first victim has been chosen at random, the re-

Prime suspects were given their in-game status, with each next step dedicated to investigation.

The detailed character descriptions were unsurprising as the event was the work of both APB and Game On! Improv Club. Game On previously hosted a murder mystery dinner in the fall of 2021. However, they were a smaller group at the time, so attendance was much lower. This time the band was more than happy to let APB join in the festivities.

“I really wanted to collaborate with other clubs this semester and thought a good idea would be a murder mystery with the improv club,” said Bill Hoffman III, the event coordinator. “I hope our event can help their club grow and that this event will be a fun new activity for the student body.”

“It was a team effort to work with APB to collectively piece together a murder mystery,” said Quinn Erney, Improv Club’s secretary. APB’s Bill Hoffman stopped by Improv earlier last week [Feb. 16] ask to get involved. We’re the improv club, so we’re used to doing things on the fly. It’s just a kind

of our thing.
Erney explained the

the band’s past efforts in regards to these types of events, and how much APB has helped them along the way: “We hope to not only help APB, but also promote improvisation in the show.”

Erney also dressed up and also acted as Principal Simpson in the mystery.

Everyone at the event was encouraged to arrive dressed in their finest ’80s attire. The theme might have been prom, but the students were given free rein to dust off their leggings and jackets.

Some of the other characters included the reporter, the assistant coach, the cheerleader, and many other stereotypical cinematic cliches, reminiscent of a John Hughes movie.

Another improv club member joining the cast is Sammy Haas, the group’s president. “Both tonight’s event [Feb. 19] and Improv Club are great places to be yourself and come out of your shell,” Hass said.

The game starts ! The improvisation club meets every Thursday from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., at the Orndorff theatre.