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Utah high school students launch booster club to support students in the arts

High school athletes are used to hearing cheers during games, but some students who participate in the arts, such as drama, dance, and music may not have the same support system.

That’s why senior Caleb Stay directed and is currently president of “The Bruin Classies” at Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah. The group serves as a booster club to support students who are in the arts.

“The purpose of the Bruin Classies … is to help celebrate the students of the arts department,” the 17-year-old told FOX television on Monday. “We want to be there and recognize the hard work they put into the different things they do.”

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Stay says the club started this semester and already has 90 members. Members say it is important that all students feel supported in the activities they pursue.

“When we have our sporting events there are a lot of people… they’re like going crazy,” club secretary Amelyah Berson, 17, also told FOX TV stations. “And then when a group concert or a theatrical production takes place, rarely does a student show up.”

In the days leading up to an event, members will wear bow ties and cardboard signs advertising the event. On the day of the event, members will attend the group show. Then they will encourage the artists.

Berson said the group had so far attended theatrical performances, choir concerts and dance recitals. Stay said the biggest turnout in the Classies was when 20 members showed up for a dramatic performance, seated in their own section in the audience.

Stay and Berson said the student performers welcomed the group.

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“I had a lot of friends who were like, ‘You guys are so awesome that you came to see us. “” said Berson.

Stay said the club got its name from a similar group called “The Bruin Crazies”, a school recall club known for athletes. He said he hopes the Classies inspire high school students across the country to support their own classmates.

“Personally, I believe cuteness is made up,” Stay continued. “When a person does something good for you, you want to go and do something good for another person.”

“It is built, built and built where we can all support each other,” he said. “And that’s what we’ve become, it’s just for everyone to support each other, and that’s what I’m here for.”

This story was reported from Los Angeles.