Movie club

Watch the LA Movie Club walk through a surreal landscape in ‘Trap Door’ video –

Vince Cuneo and Jessamyn Violet of the instrumental rock duo from Los Angeles Movie Club. Photo: Dustin Downing

Bombay Beach’s location is curious, as well as totally surreal, as seen in Venice Beach-based rock band Movie Club’s new music video, “Trap Door.”

There’s no real connection to the ancient city of Bombay, but it’s a secluded shore near the Salton Sea that was once a weekend getaway for residents of the American West Coast and is currently experiencing a sort of renewal of artist visits. Movie Club drummer Jessamyn Violet says, “The artistic appeal is undeniable — the buildings and installations that stick in your memory — and that’s the charm we hoped to capture through our video. I hope it doesn’t become too popular though, as the crowds would kind of destroy the vibe.

With balloons and matching outfits, Violet and guitarist Vince Cuneo head out into the water on a swing, with their dangling instrumental music stirring curiosity. Cinematographer Dustin Downing has suggested Bombay Beach as a filming location for the video for ‘Trap Door,’ which is part of Movie Club’s upcoming album Crocdent. The track turns into an eerie palette of psychedelic rock, aided by the understated flute playing of Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist David Ralicke, a longtime friend of Violet’s. “We were also thrilled to reunite with the great Tim Lefebvre on bass – he really adds lines and depth like no other,” Cuneo adds of the EP’s collaborators.

While “Trap Door” might be a difficult video to overcome, Movie Club is well up to the challenge. Violet adds, “We are already preparing another crazy video for ‘Ghost in the Machine’ which will probably be released after the release of the EP.” With the opening of the live performance sector in the United States, national and international tours are “a very real goal” for the duo. Violet says, “But while we wait for the right circumstances, we’re taking local and statewide broadcasts at this time.”

Watch the video for “Trap Door”. ‘Fangtooth’ EP drops on August 10th.