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What does Disneyland’s new Disney Vacation Club lounge mean for the future of Tomorrowland?

Tomorrowland will host Disneyland’s first Disney Vacation Club members’ lounge when the timeshare benefit opens next year in an unused ‘space’ in a perpetual white elephant building – but what does that mean for any futuristic themed earth makeover projects?

The Disney Vacation Club Star View resort will open in the first half of 2023 on the second floor of the Star Wars: Launch Bay building in Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland is full of unused “spaces” – including the Magic Eye Theater, the old PeopleMover track, the Starcade arcade, the TomorrowLanding gift shop, and the vast majority of Star Wars Launch Bay.

The outdated, half-empty state of Tomorrowland has led mouse-watchers to speculate that Disney will announce a complete overhaul of Disneyland’s futuristic-themed land at the upcoming D23 Expo September 9-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

At a minimum, Disneyland won’t be taking a bulldozer to Star Wars: Launch Bay for the next year or so with the new DVC lounge set to debut before July 1.

Star Wars Launch Bay – once home to Innoventions, America Sings and Carousel of Progress – has long been the white elephant of Tomorrowland.

The towering two-story round building with a rotating first floor sits on nearly an acre of prime real estate in Tomorrowland. Star Wars Launch Bay remains one of the few places still closed more than a year after Disneyland reopened following an extended COVID-19 closure of the park. The huge convention-like space was used sparingly for exclusive character encounters, fireworks displays, and sales of special-event merchandise.

Any plans to transform Tomorrowland into Disneyland would almost certainly involve reusing or demolishing Star Wars Launch Bay. That’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, with diehard Disney fans preparing to take up residence on the top floor.

Star Wars Launch Bay’s new DVC lounge is a temporary installation at best – easy to remove or relocate. A similar lounge for Magic Key annual pass holders in the old Starcade arcade was a limited-time addition that quietly disappeared after a few months.

The first Disney Vacation Club lounge at Disneyland will be similar to other DVC member-only locations atop Disney’s Contemporary Hotel and inside Epcot’s Imagination pavilion at Walt Disney World.

Disney has a dozen DVC properties in Florida as well as locations in Hawaii and South Carolina. A few dozen DVC Villas are nestled in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim. A new 12-story Disney Vacation Club timeshare building under construction at the Disneyland Hotel is scheduled to open in 2023.

Tomorrowland’s exclusive DVC lounge will offer member services, seating, Wi-Fi, charging stations and air conditioning for club members.

The “elegantly designed” DVC lounge will be themed around a Star View station. Concept art shows wallcoverings filled with space stations, rockets, futuristic cities and astronaut suits. A mural appears to show Monsanto’s powerful microscope that once shrunk passengers to the size of an atom on Adventure Thru Inner Space with the PeopleMover in the background.