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Wyoming Area Board Game Club: A Place to Kick Back, Relax, and Have Fun | Columns

The Wyoming Area Board Game Club is looking for members. The club currently claims around 70 members, making it one of the largest clubs offered by the school, although it is one of the newest. The majority of members are either juniors or seniors.

The club was originally created in 2016 to allow students to come and relax every two weeks. “As for our slogan, ‘We’re not saving the world, we’re just playing board games,'” says club adviser Christopher Hizynski, “The world is too serious these days. People have to learn that having fun is good too.

Students, he argues, don’t always need to worry about how they’re trying to change the face of the world, but rather need a place where they can forget about it all.

“A lot of club members are seniors,” says vice president Madison Kuharchik, “and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing.” Kuharchik explains that an experienced club is good for helping new members, but without the membership of young students, the club is in danger of collapsing.

To join the club, any potential member must see Christopher Hizynski for an application. Upon receipt of an application, a $10 membership fee applies and prospective members will be asked to suggest board games they might want to play in the club.

The bid fee money and suggestions are then used by club president Owen Hizynski and vice president Madison Kuharchik to purchase new games for the club. The club currently has around 50 games, which include a wide variety of genres. Club favorites include games such as UNO, Just One and the One Night series of games.

The club currently holds bi-weekly meetings on Mondays. The next meeting will be on February 7.

Owen Hizynski is a senior at Wyoming Area High School. The student chronicles are published on Wednesdays of the school year.